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Get to know what I have been up to that week + Interesting Stuff that I come across every week🤸‍♂️

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It passed very quickly🏃‍♂️The job was light and easy for the most part.Finished re-reading Atomic HabitsMade a new twitter profile after getting inspired by a podcast.Bought domainTook on a few small outside freelance gigsEdited a pdf for a c…


Thanks for the ₹50/-

It was short Maybe because I sent out my last newsletter on Wednesday 💀Got no reply from the potential client 💔Got personal email ID from the new company 😋Which I will be joining from the 1st of DecemberPracticed HTML by solving exercises on W3SchoolWatched a…


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Highlights on Automation from Atomic Habits


Happy Children's Day 👶

Newsletters spam test by


Late'st email by TRB 🥶

Few quotes from Atomic Habits


Happy Halloween 🎃

How to Improve Your Health and Productivity Without Thinking by James Clear


New Email format 💌

How I experience the web today - A web-based representation of how we search and read things online


BFB - Back from Break 🤸‍♂️

Enjoyed my break by resting in the morning and going out in the nightAte and drank shakes and icecream almost everyday even with cold 🤧Had a lot of conversations with family members.Observed a lot of people Along with my own self and how I behave differently …


Happy Navratri /Durga puja 😁

Why you still reading? kk padho mujhe kya 🥱


FB Insta down but always up 😤

Got a bit stressed out over a gaming videoRealized I could do something to make things easier for me.Realized I don't have the skills or network to do it yet.Went back to being stressed.Finished reading The Unfair AdvantageInstalled COW: MW Remastered


Take the L - L for learning 😫

Finished the 7 days freelance mentorshipYet to apply the things that I have learnedBought web hosting for my upcoming sites Made a new site for storing all my links


No letter last week? Breakup moment? 😧

So this week was quite interesting because I talked with a lot of people on zoom/Meet/Wahtsapp callsI learned a lot of things from themIt would have been very hard to learn all these if I did not trust themHowever, all these are very small stepping stones and…


Thank you for waiting for my email ✅

Tbh I don't remember a thing maybe because I have just been thinking about this


WTF August v khatam 😰

Wrote a blog on octalancer about free time-saving tools that I use.Worked on a random small freelance gig (Sorry I believe in kaam chota and bada hona).Got hit by nostalgia when I saw doc oc in spiderman trailer I mean I already knew he would be there but sti…


Ghatiya week I am leaving ... leaving my old way of managing time😏

Launched Blogs by OctalancerResumed reading Unfair Advantage Resumed learning CSSReflected back on the week only to realize "Mind empty, no thoughts"Decided to be more mindful of time and Made a new time block template which I will be following from next week


Grind is real (illusion)😤🧠

Changed course of action for octalancerMade a blog for octalancer (Will share on octalancer's social media handles tomorrow)Made a Twitter bot for my blogs and podcastEnabled push notification for my blog siteMade a linktree style site for my links (will shar…


Broken bones, torn muscle, dislocation, separation ⚠

It wasn't a very eventful week asI got injured while working outFinished ReworkDecided to learn things before delegating Made a post for @teeaarbee Recorded a podcast... at the time of writing I still haven't recorded it lmao but will link it in my blog once …


Happy friendship days 🌷 :D

That was about it for the poll update now some update from daily life


Sent you a loveletter😳💌

Read more about it in the blog


Good Things Take Time ⏳

Just some slow, boring business workTbh, Not boring, I actually like it, and I get to learn a few small things related to business and get to test my existing knowledge of few things related to marketing and stuff every day.So, it's sort of a sweet actionable…