Got a new laptop 😳





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I had planned to finish writing this email before getting my laptop.
But I have already received my laptop at the time of writing this but I will pretend I haven’t received it yet so that I can share my first impressions and week-long review of the laptop in next week’s blog and newsletter.

Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #50
Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #50
πŸ’ŽInteresting Stuff that I came across🌐
Joe Speiser ⚑️
How my Dependence on Facebook cost me my startup, $100M, and 110 jobs

It's the first time I've publicly spoke about this in 4 years.

A 🧡...
What did I publish? πŸ‘‡
Week 88 – Finally ordered the laptop – Blog by TEEAARBEE
How was my week? πŸ“
For the most part, it was quite normal
  • But it was also the first week of the month which meant that
  • I got my salary
  • So I did end up spending quite a lot πŸ₯Ά
  • Booked 4 tickets for The Batman
  • Watched a movie with high school friends after like 4-5 years
  • Ate English breakfast for lunch after the movie XD
  • Started working on a website project
  • Ordered my laptop after wasting a lot of time on deciding one
  • More about buying a laptop(and which one) in my blog
A Question for you?🧐
Suggest me some accessories for my new (first ever laptop) πŸ€“
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
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