Happy friendship days 🌷 :D





So this is the 22nd issue of this news I mean wuvletter 😌🌹
Last week I got a lot of new email subscribers Idk from where they came from but if you are one of them then welcome 😄
However, most of the people who read these newsletters and my blogs turned out to be my old followers after I put up this poll last week in here

Here's the result from the poll in which 30 people voted :')
Here's the result from the poll in which 30 people voted :')
That was about it for the poll update now some update from daily life
Highlights from the week 📝
  • Got paid by Amazon for sharing links in my blogs ;)
  • Made a new webpage to promote something related to octalancer with just another friend in under 30hours
  • Thought about how it doesn’t matter what we want to be in the future and recorded a podcast related to it
  • Got a website made for my podcast all thanks to Rohit
  • Copied songs from my real Spotify acc to my public Spotify acc and made the playlist of liked songs public
  • Discovered a tool to sync kindle highlights to notion using google chrome :D [Earlier we had to use python to do it]
Highlights from Social media 📱
So I started podcasting earlier this month and decided to upload an episode every week

And guess what?! I just published the 5th episode of my podcast 😳

Kinda epic feeling ngl
What's up for the coming week? 📅
Here is the Blog from this week 👇
Week 57 – Welcome August 😥 📅
If you want some Spotify related friendship day gift then check the blog :D
Random Quote from the week 📜
“Doing what everybody else is doing feels like the safest thing to do. But it’s also the most competitive, which makes it the riskiest.” – Morgan Housel
A Question for you?
Should I put polls in here or should I ask normal email reply questions?
Thank You for Reading🤠🙏
See you again in next week’s love letter!
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