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Happy new year ig 😏🍾

Happy new year 2022 πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰
Did you miss me last week? ya neither did I😁
Let’s get started with the first newsletter of the year 2022.

πŸ’ŽInteresting Stuff that I came across🌐
I want to share these two apps that I started using last week
  • The first is a website blocker, which you have to install on all your browsers and it does exactly what it promises, blocks the sites that you want it to block. It’s called Cold Turkey Blocker.
  • The second app, which is from the same company, forces you to use a single app for a fixed period of time. It’s called micromanager.
Not gonna link these tools here because the chances of blog going in the spam increases so if you want to check them out either search for them or check the app section of my week 80 blog
Harlaksh Singh 🌏
- If I keep adding more things to my plate, I'd have no space left to add. Keep it selective

- Skills, knowledge, information, money, network etc are there to be used, not for you to hoard. Keep hoarding & you'll lose the sharpness w/ each
What did I publish? πŸ‘‡
I published my 2021 review blog before publishing this week’s blog and it is also the reason why I did not publish any blog last week.
And here is this week’s blog
Week 80 – Optimization Max Pro Plus – Blog by TEEAARBEE
Also published an NFT (sort of) on Rarible
How was my week? πŸ“
A summary of the last 2 weeks
  • Watched a lot of daredevil.
  • Did a lot of job-related work.
  • Got my salary.
  • Bought some crypto.
  • Sent a few emails.
  • Became more conscious of my time.
  • Became serious about productivity (again)
  • Started reading β€œGetting Things Done”
A Question for you?🧐
What will your main area of focus be for 2022?
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
Happy New year 😌
Happy New year 😌
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