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I love working on my own big projects πŸ‘½

So, I was planning to write this tomorrow[Sunday]
But I decided why not batch the task along with the blog, and so here I am writing this just after I finished writing my blog. 😌

Highlights from the week πŸ“
  • This week was very learning-centric, as I have mentioned in my latest podcast episode.
  • And so most of my week was spent in learning as I was working on the new website that I am building for my company
  • it’s not yet complete but will hopefully be by next week
  • Working on the site and building it made me feel alive after quite a while ngl almost felt like my early 2018 days when I was learning advanced video editing 😩
Highlights from Social media πŸ“±
I spent so much time and energy researching for free ways of setting up a podcasting website.

I did not find it, but I did learn a lot 🀲
What's up for the coming week? πŸ“…
The new website for the company and probably a newer version of my main site (
Here is the Blog from this week πŸ‘‡
Week 54 – Falling in love with work ⁉ – Blog by TEEAARBEE
Random Quote from the week πŸ“œ
Ankur Warikoo
You get what you truly want in life, only because of 3 things

1. You get lucky
2. You take risks
3. You work hard
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
Will see ya again next week 😌
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