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Love my new job 😌 ... so far 🀐

Happy Sunday everyone, the year ends in 18 days, and I am still stuck in April!
Go ahead and say you are in 2020. I won’t stop πŸ˜πŸ‘

Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #40
Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #40
πŸ’ŽInteresting Stuff that I came across🌐
How language shapes gender
BJ Fogg: Create Lasting Change [The Knowledge Project Ep. #86] - Farnam Street
How the US Stole Central America (With Bananas)
What did I publish? πŸ‘‡
And also posted a few memes, which you can find in the blog or on my 2nd Instagram page.
How was my week? πŸ“
  • It was a happy week.
  • Felt grateful for the Job.
  • I also started doing yoga.
  • Increased the running distance to almost 2Km.
  • Failed at being consistent with meditation (again)
  • Started learning Javascript.
A Question for you?🧐
No question this week but feel free to write back βœ‰
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
PS: Can’t wait for Spiderman No way homeπŸ•Έ
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