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No more loveletters

Hey! Long time no see πŸ˜₯😞
Well first of all I am sorry for abruptly stopping the email newsletters.

Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #52
Love Letters πŸ’Œ - Issue #52
I actually had no plans of stopping the newsletters but one week the blog was already delayed and so I thought of not bothering with the email.
Then the next week I did not have anything significant to share so I thought of skipping it that week too.
And then soon enough not sending the newsletters felt like a burden lifted off my shoulders and I liked it and so I went ahead with it.
There’s more
These were not the only reasons, I used my superpower of reasoning and added a few extra points on the plate as well.
Do I regret not sending newsletters?
Unfortunately No.
I still stand by my decision to not send weekly emails anymore.
Not because I wasnt growing in terms of readers [Maybe that can be added to the equation as well]
But mostly because it feels repetetive to the work that I am doing in my weekly emails and I dont have the time to repeat things now I want to try out other things and if nothing I prefer resting over running the content treadmill.
Then why did I send this email?
I should have sent this email earlier but I had gotten so used to not sending them plus my blogs kept me busy and so I never really had the time to address my email audience.
But here I am finally after a few DMs and replies asking me about my emails.
Finally ready to break it to y'all
Maybe in the future, if I have some idea of providing somewhat consistent value, I will start writing these emails again.
Also, I am just stopping my email newsletters, not my weekly blogs, which by the way just completed it’s 2 year anniversary.
Week 104 – 2 Years of Weekly Blogs πŸ“… – Blog by TEEAARBEE
How to get notified of upcoming blogs?
It’s quite simple actually.
You will either have to join my Telegram channel and get notified from there or
You will have to turn on push notification of my blog
can be found at the end of my weekly blogs.
can be found at the end of my weekly blogs.
If you don’t see this button then it means your browser is blocking the service that I use for sending push notifications. It can be solved by disabling ad blocker as far as I know but if it still doesn’t show up then rely on Telegram 🀧
Ok so I guess that’s about it for this update newsletter.
TL;DR: I won’t be sending any more emails, for the time being, to continue reading my blogs join my telegram channel or subscribe to push notifications.
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
See you again… I don’t know when… maybe when I have some important update or something interesting to share, till then goodbye.
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