Sad start of the month🤧





So I woke up at 6am today and wrote my blog, only to face some weird deployment error 😔
Anyway this week’s email is delayed because the blog is delayed and the reason why the blog is delayed because I was coping

Because I had sort of a sad week, not because something bad happened but because I wasn’t able to invest my time in things that I wanted to do
Highlights from the week 📝
  • worked on 2 freelance videos
  • that’s about it
  • Damn I can’t remember what else I did
  • Because those took all my time 🤧
  • Oh yes watched family man s2
Highlights from Social media 📱
Finally made a profile on LinkedIn!
What's up for the coming week? 📅
Here is the blog from this week 👇
There is some issue with the blog but I will try and get it published as soon as its done
Update 5:30PM IST 8th June, its fixed 😌🤲
Week 49 – Bad start of the Month :(
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