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Take the L - L for learning 😫

Good evening to everyone reading this right after it got delivered on a Monday evening and for the rest of you ….. General Electronics I guess πŸ™„

Highlights from the week πŸ“
  • Finished the 7 days freelance mentorship
  • Yet to apply the things that I have learned
  • Bought web hosting for my upcoming sites
  • Made a new site for storing all my links
Highlights from Social media πŸ“±
Networking karna hain yrr😩
What's up for the coming week? πŸ“…
New Websites
Here is the Blog from this week πŸ‘‡
Week 65 – Bought Hosting😳 – Blog by TEEAARBEE
Random Quote from the week πŸ“œ
Paras Chopra
On social media, everyone seems better & happier than you are.

You can either get anxious about that, or use it to continually remind yourself to be super-comfortable with who you are.

You’re truly unique and so are others. That’s what makes the world beautiful.
A Question for you?
What do you value more?
Learning or earning?
Answer here or reply to this mail
Thank You for ReadingπŸ€ πŸ™
See you again next week
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